Terms and Conditions

Intra Style is a Business Unit of SIS B.V. (SIS),  hereinafter called respectively Intra Style and SIS.



The present Terms and Conditions define the rights and obligations of both SIS / Intra Style and the natural person, representing himself or a legal entity hereafter called Customer, who will use or uses the services of Intra Style, together called parties.


When using any SIS / Intra Style services, Customer agrees to comply with these Terms and Conditions.


1. Interior Architecture services, Interior Design services and other services


Intra Style offers services for Interior Architecture, Interior Design, Home rebuild / Renovation and Home Sales & Purchase consulting, mainly in the area of private property and works only with graduated experienced Interior Architects.

On request of a customer, based on Customers requirements, SIS will make a proposal to offer particular services as above.

When the offer is discussed and accepted an agreement will be send by E-mail to Customer to be signed and returned by Customer with normal mail.


The quality of the services performed by Intra Style is based on the knowledge and experience of the Interior Architects associated with Intra Style but also on the quality of the information obtained from Customer. Intra Style will therefore provide services on a best effort base.

The Customer, however, will ultimately decide what information he wishes to provide and to what extent.


2. Pricing Interior Architecture services, Interior Design services and other services


After an agreement between Customer and SIS has been signed concerning the Intra Style Interior Architecture and Design Services, the payment conditions will be as follows:


- 30% of the agreed service fee at the moment the agreement is signed.

- 30% of the agreed service fee when Intra Style will deliver to Customer a draft version of the plans.

- 20% of the agreed service fee when the draft version of the plans has been accepted by Customer, including possible small adaptions.

- 20% of the agreed service fee when Intra Style has delivered the final plans to Customer.


After receipt of the signed agreement  from Customer, SIS will send an invoice to the Email address as indicated by Customer , with the agreed fee and the above payment conditions stated on the invoice.

The invoice also shows the bank account number(s) of SIS, where the payments can be done.


The special offer for basic Interior Architecture and Interior Design Consulting as mentioned within this website, has to be paid upfront as a one-time fee.


3. Real Estate services


Based on the "Requirements" to be filled out by Customer, Intra Style will provide Customer a webpage to view various properties for sale. 


When Customer would like to receive further information or would like to visit the property object, Intra Style will contact the local Estate agent with the request to send additional information or to arrange a visit.

SIS will not accept any responsibility if during the contacts between Intra Style and Customer the concerned property object is no longer available for sale and/or sales conditions are changed.

Traveling and lodging costs have to be paid by Customer


An eventual sales agreement will be made directly via the local agent, which might include an agreement on the payment of the Estate agent commission, if applicable, in accordance with the local usual commission fee to be paid for this type of property transactions. In general all commission will be paid to the Estate agent by the selling party. 

No payments have to be made directly to SIS.



4. TV Production services


Different TV production services are offered by Intra Style, as shown on the Intra Style web page: TV Productions

Please contact us for further information  TV@intra-style.com


5. Recruitment services


Different Recruitment services are offered by Intra Style, as shown on the Intra Style web page: Recruitment

Please contact us for further information  recruitment@intra-style.com 


6. Confidentiality 


SIS and Intra Style are required to treat all information received from Customer as confidential.

This information will only be used by SIS / Intra Style and its associated Estate agents or Interior architects for the purpose of the Intra Style services performed for Customer.

Intra Style may request Customer's permission to mention his name as a reference.


7. Copyrightę and Intellectual Property Right (IPR)


Copying or passing on any SIS and/or Intra Style material in any form is strictly forbidden.

SIS is the IPR owner of the Intra Style Sales and Marketing concept.


8. General


Should SIS become aware of any violation of its Terms and Conditions, SIS will reserve all rights and might open an investigation.

Customer agrees to indemnify and excempt SIS from any liability arising from the use of the Intra Style services for alleged damage, direct or indirect, to Customer or any Third Party.


SIS reserves the right for own private reasons to reject a request for Intra Style services.

SIS reserves also the rights to modify its Terms and Conditions without prior notice.


During the course of an Intra Style service, agreed by Customer in writing, SIS will not modify its Terms and Conditions valid at the moment of the agreement signed with Customer.