Interior Architecture / Design / Renovation

20 years experience in different countries

Special introduction offer:


Just to give you already some valuable ideas and suggestions for your interior design / decoration and/or  renovation plans, we offer for only 375, excl. VAT, a basic plan with different suggestions. 


If you like one of our suggestions and would like to ask us a more detailed plan, of course we would be pleased to make an offer. 


However if you are already satisfied with our basic suggestions and plans, there will be no obligation at all to ask us an additional offer for a more detailed plan.


To receive a basic design plan with suggestions from one of our professional Interior Architects, please send us a rough plan of the existing situation and if possible some pictures.

Tell us something about your requirements, questions you might have, possible problems, etc., just to help us giving you the right design suggestions.

Send this plan and pictures as E-mail attachments to the Intra Style E-mail address as indicated below. 


As soon we have received this information from you, we will return an E-mail with some additional questions on your personal style and preferences if needed,  including a client  number and payment instructions.

After receiving the requested information and payment, according to our Terms and Conditions, we will send you back  the plan or plans with our suggestions by E-mail within 2 weeks.


Please contact us by E-mail:





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